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ColossusXT Q4 2019 AMA Ends!

Thank you for being a part of the ColossusXT Q4 2019 AMA! Below we will summarize the questions and answers. The team responded to 21 questions! If your question was not included, it may have been answered in a previous question or AMA. The ColossusXT team will do a Reddit AMA at the end of every quarter.
The winner of the AMA contest is: DEF_NOT_ATF
Congratulations. I will send you a DM on Reddit.
Q: Why does your blockchain exist and what makes it unique?
A: ColossusXT exists to provide an energy efficient method of supercomputing. ColossusXT is unique in many ways. Some coins have 1 layer of privacy. ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid will utilize 2 layers of privacy through Obfuscation Zerocoin Protocol, and I2P and these will protect users of the Colossus Grid as they utilize grid resources. There are also Masternodes and Proof of Stake which both can contribute to reducing 51% attacks, along with instant transactions and zero-fee transactions. This protection is paramount as ColossusXT evolves into the Colossus Grid. Grid Computing will have a pivotal role throughout the world, and what this means is that users will begin to experience the Internet as a seamless computational universe. Software applications, databases, sensors, video and audio streams-all will be reborn as services that live in cyberspace, assembling and reassembling themselves on the fly to meet the tasks at hand. Once plugged into the grid, a desktop machine will draw computational horsepower from all the other computers on the grid.
Q: What is the Colossus Grid?
A: ColossusXT is an anonymous blockchain through obfuscation, Zerocoin Protocol, along with utilization of I2P. These features will protect end user privacy as ColossusXT evolves into the Colossus Grid. The Colossus Grid will connect devices in a peer-to-peer network enabling users and applications to rent the cycles and storage of other users’ machines. This marketplace of computing power and storage will exclusively run on COLX currency. These resources will be used to complete tasks requiring any amount of computation time and capacity, or allow end users to store data anonymously across the COLX decentralized network. Today, such resources are supplied by entities such as centralized cloud providers which are constrained by closed networks, proprietary payment systems, and hard-coded provisioning operations. Any user ranging from a single PC owner to a large data center can share resources through Colossus Grid and get paid in COLX for their contributions. Renters of computing power or storage space, on the other hand, may do so at low prices compared to the usual market prices because they are only using resources that already exist.
Q: What single thing are you looking forward to the most with COLX in 2020?
A: Research done on different models that can be utilized for Colossus Grid design. Design phase and Proof of Concept to be completed with an MVP for Colossus Grid. The target is to have it in the shortest time frame possible within 2020; timing can vary based on funding.
Q: What are your plans for listing the coin on more mainstream exchanges?
A: As ColossusXT moves into 2020 we are always talking with and looking for more exchange opportunities for the community and we will aggressively pursue exchange recommendations by community members, as well as protect the community from bad actors within this industry, and list with exchanges that are liquid.
Q: When you say the Colossus Grid allows for supercomputing and sharing resources, is this only limited to PC’s? Do you think Colossus Grid in the future will allow for easy integration into cloud-based phone apps along the lines of streaming services much like OnLive was or Steem? If the grid can help lower tier phones enjoy newer games that originally wasn’t compatible. I believe COLX can become an awesome competitor in gaming market.
A: No, we do not plan Colossus Grid for one type of machine. It can be mainly for PCs but we are considering separate devices, mobile applications, as well as other networks where relevant to contribute. Cloud gaming is definitely one of the areas that we will be exploring, however, our priority markets will be Cyber Security, FaaS, Computational Science, AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, Cryptocurrency Mining.
Q: Will you always keep the same collateral for a MN?
A: Yes, this is the plan for the time being. COLX coin economy is designed to have 10 Million Colx locked up and we expect the demand to increase as per additional benefits to masternode owners as we get closer to Colossus Grid, therefore more locked up coins and less available coins in the market will also assist in maintaining supply/demand in addition to the use cases.
Q: What are some possible partnerships ColossusXT plans on working towards?
A: We are currently working on documentation so that ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid can be utilized by both State and Federal agencies within the United States; We would love to work with the National Weather Association to provide much needed computing power and reduce the wait list for their researchers currently requesting super computing time for climate research.
Q: Which is better option for Colossus Grid; Personal desktop or VPS?
A: The target is to utilize any resources regardless of their medium.
Q: I’ve been banned in COLX discord server, and I’m not updated with what this project has going on, my question is what is plan is the plan or next step this year 2020?
A: We have recently posted an updated roadmap and business plan for 2020 on the website.
Roadmap 2020
Business Plan
Q: Can you name some examples on how to use the Colossus Grid in 2020 and beyond? In other words, what would be some realistic use cases? How can we all benefit from it’s use and what kind of people/companies would be interested in Grid Computing?
A: When the Colossus Grid is live our primary focus will be working with cyber security companies, colleges, and other researchers that may need to utilize supercomputing power to process large amounts of DATA; having said that if you are doing your own private research you can also utilize the Colossus Grid from a desktop computer.
We are currently working one the necessary requirements to work with State and Federal government agencies within the United States, as we move forward with this endeavor the community will benefit as the demand for more computing power increases.
Q: First, I want to thank to the team and congrats for all the project and the efforts made until here on this project. I believe a lot in this project. For me, the best project on the space I had my own research about blockchain projects, and I found COLX this year (I’m new on the space, about 10 months). After doing my research I have no doubt that COLX is one of the best, if not the best project I had found in the space. I ‘m so very glad to participate in this contest.
One of the competitive advantages of COLX is the dev team who assures pseedy developments of different functionalities on COLX ecosystem. I’d like to know more about your organization. Were there any significant challenges that your team encountered in the past?
As I see there are already lots of projects come back to back and aims to solve contracts problems so how COLX will sustain also which types of benefits COLX serve to developers?
  1. Thank you :) Recently there was an article about ColossusXT from a community members, and it’s really in depth about ColossusXT, where we started and came from; I’ll include a link to it below.
  2. One of the more significant challenges we have faced so far is exchanges., allow me to elaborate. We have had a few exchanges either exit scam (Coinsmarkets & TradeSatoshi), get hacked (Cryptopia), or shut down (CryptoBridge). These several unfortunate events have slowed down some of the technical developments as we had to allocate resources or manpower to them.
Q: How is it ensured that anonymity does not allow criminals to use your payment system?
A: In order to purchase ColossusXT (COLX) you are required to KYC on exchanges (money transmission services). These layers of protection for KYC and AML protect consumers from bad actors utilizing blockchains as a payment system; it’s much easier for criminals to use USD or other centralized payment systems. The anonymity features within the ColossusXT blockchain are built into the foundation to protect consumer privacy and DATA from criminals and other bad actors; Cambridge Analytics always comes to mind when I think of privacy rights online, and building protection layers into the foundation of platforms that focus on consumer privacy is the best way to tackle this issue.
Q: When will Android wallet go live again? It represents our project for new people. It does not look good when a new investor wants to invest and sees a not functioning android wallet. Please fix this issue as fast as possible. Thanks
A: This is one of our priorities. We are aware this took very long due to unexpected development problems. At the moment, it’s in the process of taking over by an experienced dev to be delivered ASAP. ETA: February.
Q: How is I2P project making progress? Can you tell the state of the progress in approximate percentage please?
A: I’d say 70%. The remaining stages will be linked with integration where hybrid, static and i2p nodes. This is expected to be a time consuming and heavy test oriented process, therefore full integration, in consideration of the fork can carry on in parallel while other milestones will be getting delivered.
Q: When will the next desktop wallet go live?
A: Second half of January, and we will make announcements on all social media channels.
Q: Hello all! I have been staking COLX for about two years now. I get staking rewards almost daily. My question is how many active users are on the network? How many staking nodes and masternodes are there? Who are the people currently using the network and for what purpose? Who are my counter parts and how big is our community? Exchange volume is very low which makes one wonder if there is any interest in the project but the fact that we are getting consistent staking rewards means the network is being used. What is the main use case for the network as it currently stands and how will that change in the future?
Thank you for your time
  1.  We have about 50 daily active community members, and many other members that pop in from time to time. :) 
  2.  We currently have 240 active masternodes. 
  3.  The community is between 25,000 and 30,000 users. Many of which are not active daily in crypto as the steam has died down from 2017; but many of them still pop in our discord server to say “Hi” every few weeks. The team is comprised of global members, unfortunately we don’t share personal information of our team members, but your welcome to ask them individually. What I can share is that we have team members in the United States, Europe, and Australia. 
    1. Exchange Volume can be an interesting subject; We’re aware of the area’s affecting exchange volume, and the thing holding us up us cost. We spend the majority of our funding on development, and have a structured plan outlined to utilize funding for exchange programs, and opportunities.
  4. Here are some of the current use-cases of the current network as it stands: 
As we move to the future these use-cases above will expand, but as will the main use-case for COLX as the Colossus Grid goes live and sharing computing power and storage takes headway.
Q: Have plans to list on bitrex or binance exchange?
A: Yes, exchanges can often take extended periods of time. There are different obstacles and documents that are required, and as the regulatory framework around blockchain is still being built and discussed these lines can often change or move. We do have our eye on Bittrex and Binance, and the community members have mentioned them in the past to us. 😊
Q: When the Colossus Grid is online, what fiat options will you accept for the services?
A: At this time we are not planning to accept any fiat options for the services. This would require us to register as a money transmission service, and we would have to KYC many community members. As blockchain regulation continues to evolve, we will evolve along with it.
Q: Do you think the grid will work well with quantum computers in the distant future?
A: Quantum computers work in a different way that standard supercomputing. Quantum computers can operate in more than one state, while standard supercomputing operates in one state. I’m excited to see the future of Quantum computing, and how we can work together in the future.
Q: How many businesses, charities, ect; currently accept payment via COLX?
A: Any business can accept COLX currently as a payment gateway, as there are a few options through MyCryptoCurrencyCheckOut, or through Polis Pay Pre-Paid Card. As the blockchain industry continues to expand and grow from this emerging tech industry, we intend to grow these payment gateways.
Current businesses: Stakesafe Online Tech Store, Keyi Store, Colossus Store, gift cards via Cryptocurrencycheckout and Polispay for BestBuy, Steam, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify
Q: What are some of the fun/cool things I can do with my COLX? Are there any games?
A: Aircoins is an augmented reality game where you can find ColussusXT (COLX) coins in the real world, there is also Merlin's Coin which has implemented ColossusXT.
Q: How many people are on the core team?
A: There are 10 core team members.
Q: Grid Computing will be the next generation of emerging computing alongside Apple and Microsoft giving solutions to security vulnerabilities in networks, nodes, and blockchain
A: Thank you
Important Information:
Business Plan
Follow ColossusXT on:
Interested in joining the ColossusXT team?
Contribute an Idea!
AMA History:
2018 Q1
2018 Q2
2018 Q3
2018 Q4
2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
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The Implicit Terribleness of Centralized Exchanges and Technical Challenges of Full Non Custodianship

I'm not even going to bother posting in the bitcoin reddit it doesn't reach the right people.
My point is a)all DEX with monero integration will be the best b)there are current extreme technicnal challenges and a lack of cross project cooperation, as I believe developers from many chain and project will have to collaborate to build a "Super DEX" comparable to BISQ, but with the user feature of Binance.

First off this market, the crypto market has become a hellscape in terms of crimes by all major exchanges and regulators.
-BTSE flash crashs and flash pumps
-CME flash crashes
-Huobi, Bitrex, and Binance ban us people
-Coinbase selling customer data usage
-deribit flash crash
-Bitmex user data breach and doxxing
-Open Bridge exit scam and KYC nonsense
-Endless Tether fuckery

It's just too much, too too much. We need hosted liquidity nodes that are hosted the same way torrenting hosts seeds, run by VM's and decentralized server hosting. I've been told by different developers that a lot of this is hung up on Ethereum Sharding and Casper.

Cross atomic swaps between Ethereum and Monero are probably the biggest stumbling block closely followed by the engineering of a mass meshnetwork of liquidity hosting by individual wallet stakers. IMHO those two things are needed to build the 'Super DEX'. A stand a lone authorless, unseizable domain hosted software full DEX with 0 custodianship, but an 'internet of liquidity' so to speak.
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Let’s talk about TON: Introduction

Let’s talk about TON: Introduction
Telegram is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world. Now, one of its Co-founders — Dr. Nikolai Durov, is launching a new project. That project is called Telegram Open Network (TON), and it’s based on blockchain, whose native currency is the Gram.
Our company — Bitrexchange, is one of the biggest players in the booming crypto trade. As such, we are excited to announce that we have been certified to sell Gram tokens with backing from private investors.

Our Gram sale

There are two types of Grams. The first is locked for 18+ months, meaning it cannot be readily resold. This kind of token was made with stakeholders in mind, discouraging short term investors and traders from profit seeking.
The second kind of token is the unlocked Gram. This is what we’re selling. The unlocked Gram more valuable than the first for obvious reasons; it can be resold, traded, and liquidated at any point in time.

The Gram can be used to:

  • Pay for Telegram Open Network fees including for subscription services, paid extensions, Gram transfer fees, node deposits, and more.
  • Buy third party content including extensions, add-one, emojis, graphics, and more.
  • Make payments for off-Telegram products and services, e.g. food deliveries and online shopping.
  • Retain and increase value. Although no guarantees can be made, many expect Grams to increase in value given Telegram’s user base and the technology’s ability to add value.
Thinking you’d like to get your hands on some Grams as soon as they come out, i.e. before resellers get a chance to hike up prices? You’re not alone.
Many people we knew wanted to buy the token, so we got a license to pre-sell Grams — and are offering them for the low, low price of $3.50 each.
As of this writing, that’s the best price you can find on the internet. If you’d like to learn more about Grams, our offer, or our exchange, please follow our social media channels in order to stay fully up to date and informed about us:
BitrexChange — cryptocurrency exchanger:
Telegram Chat:
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Where to buy FTC?

I was wondering where i can purchase FTC in the US? I need a reliable source. I currentl use GDAX for BTC and LTC.
Thank you !
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Crypto Exchanges: What They Don’t Want You To Know

Crypto Exchanges: What They Don’t Want You To Know
According to multiple sources from the crypto industry, for the past year 2018 over $731M+ was stolen due to crypto attacks on exchanges. Not to mention, that there were exchanges which were accused and indeed practiced illegal activities. By providing misleading and false information regarding the assets and the returns of investment, the market has experienced a “booming” hype in exchanges that managed to steal millions of dollars, and some of them even managed to get away from legal responsibilities, for now.
A phenomenon of “fake volumes” became a large source of debates, due to the multiple investigations carried out in this field. Forming a part of a competitive market has always been and still remains a battlefield for industry sharks: as the technology evolves, industry leaders must innovate in order to remain the leaders of the race.
Where are we going with it?
Although, having researched previously before taking a participation in any project is a “must have” option, potential investors in the crypto field must take special precautions when choosing a place to store your funds, or even more — invest them into something. Of course, this is not mainly the question of exchanges, as they provide the quality check, but not the potential check of a certain asset, but it would be wise to know what are the things that a potential investor shall look at when choosing one or another exchange to operate trading activities.
A quick answer and our main hint — it’s the license.
Being accredited for trading operations is an important step to build a trustworthy community and an image around the company. Of course being accredited does not exclude the exchange from any other “ticks” of the box, however, most of the exchanges that managed to manipulate and steal the funds of their clients did not possess any of the legal documents that could prove their eligibility to perform such activities.
We, at BitrexChange, care about our community and remind everyone to be always precocious when choosing a right exchange. Let us do the work and make you focus on one unique thing — experience the quality of operations. Not to mention, that we have publishing many times about the unlocked Gram offer. In case you’re interested to know more, don’t hesitate to follow us on social media and visit our web at:
BitrexChange official Facebook group: BitrexChange official Facebook page: Gramblog Facebook group: Reddit: Bitcointalk: Linkedin: Instagram: Telegram Chat: Web: Medium:
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TON, Telegram, Gram… What’s next?

TON, Telegram, Gram… What’s next?
A quick answer: it is all very simple. It’s only a matter of few minutes to really understand what’s going on and what are the three main things we keep on talking for days. Let’s talk about this right now!
Telegram — one of the most top leading messengers in the world. Despite the contradictory opinions of many countries regarding its freedom of speech, Telegram made its name as an encrypted messenger, whereby your dialogues stay remain incognito, unless of course, you are a danger for the Government. Most people know about Telegram: one of Whatsapp’s main competitors. The service has over 200 million of users and plenty of press as the world’s premiere security-oriented app.
But what about Telegram’s cryptocurrency: the TON network’s Gram?
Given the fact that the social messenger’s possesses a massive user base, many people are wondering how cryptocurrency will function withing the Telegram’s app and network. Below, we provide some answers!
Gram is the name for the cryptocurrency that Telegram is rolling out. It is also known as the “Telegram messenger’s cryptocurrency coin” or “Gram coin for Telegram”
This coin will work, first and foremost, to power all kinds of features on the TON network: a blockchain engineered by Telegram’s team. TON is believed to overthrow the Ethereum’s ecosystem, by providing the best technical solutions. This includes transfer fees, gas, deposits for node operators, and more.
Beyond that, Telegram has a need for cryptocurrency in order to facilitate in-app purchases. This means premium stickers, animations, in-app currency transfers, and so on and so forth. These features may potentially attract larger audiences and therefore, increase an overall’s world recognition.
Last but not least, Dr. Durov will seek to make cryptocurrencies useful inside Telegram for third party developers and publishers. These will be able to receive money for payments inside and outside of apps and process other fees.
The general theme through all these features is that:
  • Telegram is a massively popular messenger.
  • TON is a network that runs concurrently with the messenger.
  • GRAM tokens are the native currency on Telegram, powering the TON blockchain network.
Left with some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know about your question. And of course, subscribe to our official social media channels, that will help us to improve a lot:
BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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Investors' Call Off And Price Prediction

Investors' Call Off And Price Prediction
With the recent news regarding the dates of the launch of TON network, the prices and speculation got “heated”. What does it mean for the rest of the people who eagerly wait to see the TON in work? A quick answer — they’ve got to wait
But while waiting, let’s focus on something big — a right to acquire a token today in the OTC market from investors of the first rounds! Bitrexchange has been officially accredited for trading activities and that gives a unique opportunity for Bitrex’s customers to buy GRAM tokens before anyone else, even before the official launch of the platform.
You’re not into listening how attractive the current situation is with the token, we get it. But why don’t you visit our web to see what we up to?
With that being said, we’d like to bring out a question of the day for our community: in your opinion, what’s the most attractive part of the story regarding the launch of TON — its marketing, brand of the company, private sales with a record high fundraising or something else?
Let us know about your opinion and subscribe to our official social media channels. Most importantly, visit our web to see our offers and more information about the unlocked Gram:
BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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Important Announcement And A Poll

Important Announcement And A Poll
Let’s start with the great news — we have successfully closed down the first round of sales of our Gram token at $3.50! We’d like to express our highest gratitude to all of our community members who have managed to purchase Grams at this price and use this opportunity to enter the sales at such an early stage!
The next milestone we’re aiming to achieve is going to be the December 11th — this is the date when we will officially close down the second round of sales.
Interested to know the price?
The price is set to be at $4.50 per Gram. Use this moment as an opportunity to form a part of the future today!

And now, the poll

In your opinion, what is a projected price of a token we may expect in the 1Q of 2020:
  1. $0–1USD
  2. $1–10USD
  3. $10–50USD
  4. $50+
Share this poll right now with everybody and leave a comment with the number in our social media channels or below!
BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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TON Competitors And General Features

TON Competitors And General Features
In our previous posts we have covered the fundamentals of Telegram Open Network. Let’s revise some of the most important aspects and features of TON:
The project itself was founded in 2013, after the Durov brothers decided to step down from their creation —, or previously known as “vkonakte”, Russia’s most famous and used social media for communication. In reality, one of the reason for leaving VK project is believed to be the brothers’ desire to keep the user data private and away from government agencies. Although, they admitted many times that they were ready to provide data once there’d be an official court resolution to do so, simply saying, if the government beliefs it has to access your account.
One of the main reasons for creation of Telegram messenger was the privacy of users, which allowed the app to gain new platform users from 100 thousands to 100 million in less than a year. The application was also different from the “king” of messengers, WhatsApp, in a way that it allowed to create super groups, manage channels and use bots that really brought automated processes together.
Launching TON is a big challenge for the team, as they have to come up with an outstanding performance of their blockchain, but also make it stable in order to compete with other mainnet holders. Looking from the perspective of blockchain, TON will have its own blockchain architecture, thus, providing an exclusive user experience and processing millions of transaction in a single second. The actual secret remains unknown due to a postponed launch of an official release.
From the perspective of token competitors, there aren’t many. Of course if we aren’t simply comparing a potential cryptocurrency from Telegram and Bitcoin, for example. The truth is that Gram will be largely used within the Telegram borders, so Telegram, as the app itself, boosts enormously the use of Gram, as we have covered in our previous articles regarding the features of TON. WeChat is known for launching its own cryptocurrency in order to enable transfers to the wallets of WeChat users, however, the usage of such crypto, in comparison with Gram, is very limited. Gram will be used to pay for in-services, paid adverts, bots, etc. We will certainly be looking forward to seeing a lot of “plug” apps that will be interconnected within the Telegram and Gram itself. Vk has also tried to introduce its virtual currency, but as we have seen, it did not last for long until they shut this down.
In reality, many of the factors depend on the use of currency and its real life applications. We can certainly establish the fact that it will have a broad usage and large recognition, not to mention that Gram’s investors have set the record in ICO fundraising. That gives us a clue on what kind of impact we shall expect from the most anticipated projects in crypto sphere in the year 2020.
Where to buy Grams?
Several exchanges have received licenses to sell Gram tokens. Bitrexchange is one of them, and so far, we have the lowest price per Gram we’ve seen on the Internet. Moreover, we have managed to get a certified accreditation for such operations — a license to pre-sell Grams and offer them for the low price, low as much as for $4.50 each. If that has caught your attention, please follow our social media channels in order to stay fully up to date and informed about us:
BitrexChange official Facebook group: BitrexChange official Facebook page: Gramblog Facebook group: Reddit: Bitcointalk: Linkedin: Instagram: Telegram Chat: Web: Medium:
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Selling Gram Tokens

Selling Gram Tokens
In order to correctly answer this question, let’s rewind to some fundamentals, as it is important to understand the basics before jumping into the main part. Remember when we have covered different types of Gram tokens? Well, this time we’re heading towards the use of it.

The Gram can be used to:

  • Pay for Telegram Open Network fees including for subscription services, paid extensions, Gram transfer fees, node deposits and more.
  • Buy third party content including extensions, add-one, emojis, graphics, and more.
  • Make payments for off-Telegram products and services, e.g. food deliveries and online shopping.
  • Retain and increase value. Although no guarantees can be made, many expect Grams to increase in value, given that the Telegram’s user base and the technology’s ability to add value.
So, who can actually sell the Gram tokens and what’s the deal?
Several exchanges have received licenses to sell Gram tokens. Bitrexchange is one of them, and so far, we have the lowest price per Gram we’ve seen on the Internet. Moreover, we have managed to get a certified accreditation for such operations — a license to pre-sell Grams and offer them for the low price, low as much as for $3.50 each. If that has caught your attention, please follow our social media channels in order to stay fully up to date and informed about us:
BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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Focus On Gram Tokens

Focus On Gram Tokens
You have probably heard about about the Gram tokens. But do you really know that there are two types? What are the differences and which one is the top pick? Let’s dive into it right now:
As we have said: there are two main types of Gram tokens. First, you’ve got the Locked Grams. These can be used freely in the network once the mainnet is launched, however, there’s a flip side to it — they cannot be sold until a year and a half after the actual token generation event.
The second kind of token in existence is the Unlocked Gram. This token is different because it can be sold freely immediately after being generated.
As generally established, locked Grams are worth less than unlocked ones. They are sold and given out with the purpose of increasing TON usage and motivating investors, developers, team members, etc.
Okay, now the most important part of the story: what’s worth of what and which one is a “go to” option?
Unlocked Grams are worth more because they can be sold freely — and because the value of a single Gram is expected to increase given Telegram’s massive audience. If you’d like to learn more about Grams, our offer, or our exchange, please follow our social media channels in order to stay fully up to date, informed and “lock-and-loaded”about us:

BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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Laziness - The "I keep my coins on Exchanges" megathread

Ok who's guilty out there? How many of you traders out there just leave your bags spread out across your exchanges? Aware of the 'dangers' of doing this, but it's annoying, and wallets can get hacked as yeah, there we are. Balls out.
I admit my guilt. Have some on Binance, Bitrex Kucoin, Poloniex, and - No fear, I just drink beer. I day trade with my whole bag not partial. I sleep just fine at night. If I get wreckt, I'll take all the blame, and still stay in the game. No shame. Fuck a pirates life and the ledgerlife, neither is the life for me. 5 months so far in crypto and no problems! ☠🔥😎
Exchange OG's where you at? I know I'm not the only lazy bastard out here. Speak up!
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Blade raises $4.3m from Coinbase

Blade, a new cryptocurrency derivatives exchange launching in three weeks, has raised $4.3 million in seed funding from a host of investors, including Coinbase, SV Angel, A.Capital, Slow Ventures, Justin Kan and Adam D’Angelo, according to Tech Crunch.
Prior to starting the company, CEO Jeff Byun and his co-founder, Henry Lee, founded OrderAhead, a delivery start-up platform that was eventually acquired in-part by Square in 2017.
The pair’s newest company shares little in common with their previous venture, but they are bringing aboard some of the same investors to support them. The exchange is tackling perpetual swap contracts.
Perpetuals are a crypto-native trading instrument that Byun says are “arguably the fastest growing segment of cryptocurrency trading.”
They allow traders to bet on the future values of cryptocurrencies in relation to another and the instruments have no expiration dates, unlike fixed maturity futures. Traders can bet on how the price of Bitcoin can increase relative to USD, but they can also make bets relative to other altcoins like Monero, DogeCoin, Zcash, Ripple and Binance Coin.
Blade’s noteworthy spins on perpetuals trading — compared to other exchanges — are that most of the contracts will be set up on simplified vanilla contracts, the perpetuals will also be margined/settled in USD Tether and the company is offering higher leverages on trades.
The crypto exchange is raising funds from Silicon Valley’s VCs, but US investors won’t be legally able to participate in the exchange. US government agencies have been a bit more stringent in regulating cryptocurrencies, so there’s more trading activity taking place on exchanges outside the jurisdiction. Blade itself is an offshore entity with a US subsidiary as its primary market is East Asia.
“It’s kind of a bifurcated market,” says Byun. “Either you have exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini or Bitrex that cater to the U.S. market that are highly regulated or the exchanges that cater to the non-U.S. market that are much less regulated, but that’s where most of the volume is.”
While the company is still three weeks away from launch, the founders have bold ambitions. Byun hopes that Blade will be the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) of crypto.
* More Details Here
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Comprehensive Substratum FAQ

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with substratum, all information here was gathered from the Substratum twitter, youtube, slack and interviews however it may not be 100% accurate. Please correct me if you spot a mistake or comment below if you wish additional questions added/answered and always do your own research before investing. I will aim to keep this thread updated as we get more news. Be sure to check out the whitepaper for aditional useful information
1. How do I run a node? Substratum is currently hard at work on their 2nd closed alpha, shortly after that has been completed they will be releasing a staggered public beta for everyone to try out, sign up here to take part.
2. What is substratumNode and substratumHost? SubstratumHost (previewed here) is used by website owners to manage their domain, files, databases, users, pay hosting fees etc. This is what enables a site owner to run their website through the substratum network.
SubstratumNode (previewed here) is what the average user will run to earn SUB and dedicate some of their computers' resources towards the network. This also gives the node operator access to any restricted sites which are not running on the network through their "vpnless VPN" system. This will massively help with overall adoption.
Note: Those previews are from months ago and will not be an exact representation of the final product.
3. What do I need to access sites on the network? Absolutely nothing. If a site owner decides to host their site through the network then you will be able to access that site without any additional software, just stick the URL into your favourite browser and the decentralised site will load. If you wish to access any website (region restricted or not) anonymously and it's not hosted through the substratum network then you will be required to run the substratumNode software. This routes all your web traffic through the network, allowing access to the restricted sites for free while paying you for routing traffic.
4. How do I store the SUB token? Due to SUB being an ERC20 token, it can be stored in any Ethereum address. In general, MyEtherWallet is recommended for storing SUB and other ERC20 tokens; just send the SUB to your ETH address then load the token on the right side of your MyEtherWallet wallet to view your SUB. This also means you can store SUB on a ledgetrezor hardware wallet.
5. Does the network run on the Ethereum blockchain? No. Only the SUB token used for payouts runs on the ETH blockchain, all details of what node contains specific site fragments and information on how sites should be loaded will be stored on a separate individual blockchain.
6. How do I mine/stake SUB tokens? You don't. There is no mining in the traditional sense; total supply isn't going to be increasing. You earn SUB by being a node and providing access to sites on the network. This SUB comes directly from the website owners who will purchase it and use it to pay for hosting on the network. Price will go up over time with supply/demand; more websites = more demand for the token. Should the market ever reach 90% saturation, the network will create 10% additional tokens and separate them into an account that is only used to fuel the network. These will not hit the exchanges and will only be available for transactions within the network.
7. What sort of computer will I need to run a node? No one knows the full answer to this till the beta is complete as that will help the team determine minimum system requirements for the network. What we do know is; Upload speed will be one of the most important factors. Apart from that, a mid-end CPU will likely be of use and a reasonable amount of RAM. Hosting a node will not be GPU intensive. More details on factors going into how much you earn can be found here
8. When is bitrex coming?? The team is under NDA regarding this and we will likely not hear anything until it happens. One of bitrex's requirements is open source so we will not see it listed till that comes first.
9. Is there a coin burn coming? Yes, the team has already burned 120M tokens shortly after the ICO (into this address), there will be another token burn after the bitrex listing. We are not sure of the number of coins that will be burned yet, rumours are 60M-120M coins. This comes from the total supply, not circulating supply.
10. Whats with the project being closed source/can I see a github repo? The code is currently closed source as to prevent competition from copying them. Justin (The CEO) stated in a recent video that parts will be getting open sourced shortly. Not all backend code will be open source in order to maintain some level of security (and help prevent ISP's from blocking them) however all code running on the end users computer will be fully open source for everyone to see.
11. What will be the price of SUB in x months/days/years 296 Gazillion Dollars.... seriously though, anyone giving a price is just purely guessing. Do your own research if you are looking at investing.
12. What's stopping an ISP from blocking Substratum hosted sites? Due to the distributed nature of Substratum, in order to block a site the ISP would have to blanket ban all internet users in an area and leave limited access to government facilities or public service locations that need internet access (..this is extreme and if it happens it's because your country is probably in a war; blanket internet bans basically stop a lot of local commerce from happening. People working at pc from work or home, internet phone lines, chain stores, anything that uses cloud computing, or server side computing that relays data remotely, including credit processors, with some exceptions; offline transactions are possible but have their own set of issues, would all be blocked.) This reason for such drastic measures being required to block a substratum hosted site is due to the fact that substratum traffic simply looks like standard http web traffic so the ISP has no clue if you are running a node or just uploading a file to a website. Ontop of this the nodes hosting a specific site are constantly changing and no single node contains a whole file for any site. And the icing on the cake, multiple nodes are required to serve a single request with no single node knowing the full route path. This means that if the ISP did block the first node in the path, there would still be multiple more nodes behind that still ready to serve the request. More detail can be found here and here
13. Cant ISP's just block access to the site proving the node software? will provide access to the node software, this site will also be hosted on the network meaning that, assuming everything works, ISP's cant block access to the site and therefore cant prevent people downloading the software.
14. Is my site data secure? Yes, no single node will contain a whole file for your website and all files are encrypted preventing tampering. View this video for more information.
15. How will substratum ensure there are enough nodes for larger sites? As more sites, and larger sites, start to host on the substratum network, payouts will increase due to increased demand. This will naturally bring in more users hosting nodes to get a part of the profits thus making up for the increased demand and keeping the network stable.
16. What about illegal content being hosted on the network? The network will have some sort of user governance system letting users vote to get highly illegal content removed if the majority agree. We do not have a whole lot of detail on the workings of this system as of yet.
17. What is CryptoPay? Cryptopay is a decentralized application being developed by the Substratum team which will run on top of the Substratum Network. This is a payment gateway which website owners will add to their site in order to accept payments through any publically traded cryptocurrency. The site owner can choose to be paid in USD/EURO etc and cryptopay will automatically convert any crypto into their desired currency using SUB as a middleman currency. More detail can be found here.
18. Is there a 2018 roadmap? This is due to be released alongside the public beta sometime shortly (January/February 2018)
Well that's most of the questions that seem to keep coming up over the past couple months, feel free to comment below and I will add any additional questions/answers (assuming they are reasonable and not overly technical as we do not have too much technical information currently) If any mods would consider pinning this then I'm sure that would be useful for newcomers
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I think is one of the best platforms right now!

What I love best about this broker is the promptness at which support responds to any issues you may encounter. You may not appreciate this until you have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
One of the best experiences I've had with crypto trading has been with . Used bitfinex, Kraken, bitrex, coin exchange, coin base, exodus amongst others. But I feel My Bit Finance more. Haven't had any use for support yet as their services are on point, so that's yet to be rated. But as for now, I will top it off as one of the best.

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Electroneum highly undervalued -fact. Here’s why.

Electroneum is competing against bitcoin, aiming for users to use it as currency base. It’s doing a better job at it. It’s faster & cheaper than bitcoin. Bitcoin is like an 1990 Bentley, they exist, but no one uses them, because cars like Tesla overtake them in technological stand point. Bitcoin is old. The tech is old. I wouldn’t be surprised if its no longer the main used cryptocurrency within the next year or so at all. Hence success rate of electroneum is extremely probable. Compare iota’s twitters to electroneum on the basis of the followers. Then compare the market cap. This thing is going to double in a couple of days, if not hours. That’s just how undervalued it seems, especially after this Black Friday sale going on in the crypto universe.
Also, the partnerships are fucking huge, no other crypto can do the partnerships electroneum has gotten. Fact. Oh btw, the volume electroneum is doing, and the economics of electroneum, they could’ve listed it on Binance or Bitrex the day it launched. There obviously not doing it for a reason. It’s called keep the price stable. Just load up, buckle up and enjoy the earnings from this rare bread. 80% of the crypto market are shit coins and wont last that long.
Iota marketcap 5bil ; iota twitter followers 100k Electroneum marketcap 460mil/500mil twitter followers 99k — It’s probable that electroneum can do a 5billion market cap within a few months, thats 10x or so.
Huge support from the community The first British crypto Amazin UI and Design Only on one shitty exchange (80% of the buyers are waiting for a new exchange)
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There is nothing to explain cause all of this was saying before. Sia reddit threat is about mining.. almost nothing for investors. Verge going up very well. Why? quess why......... Binance. Man, i can't believie sia team have a problems to put sia on biggest exchanges where is a lot of shit coins.... They don;t even make a offer for binance.Did they trying to put sia on Bitfinex. OKEx? Bitrex have close reg, even that bitrex isn't on top 10 bitcoin market volume... Poloniex have wallets problems, upbit but without KRW fiats. I bought this coin for 550+ Satoshi... Yeah, first time in crypto im sooo unlocky..
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How to Get USD into Crypto Without the Coinbase Fees

Is there a way to get USD into crypto without having to go through Coinbase with its 4% fee? I want to get $1000 into Ripple, which isn't on GDEX or I'd use that.
Going $40 in the hole right at the start doesn't appeal to me.
A friend of mine already has a coinbase account. He wants to purchase Ripple, but the exchange he knows, Bitrex, isn't taking new registration. What other exchange can he, and I'd use it too once I get my USD into the system, use?
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4,3 bln fake tether ? What is this ? joke/hack/fraud/scam ?

Yesterday this post was added to the list :
Some people there concluded that it was a joke or some place holder (whatever this should mean). However, pls people, look for example at the address :
It pretends to hold only 50000 of these new tethers at the moment, but it continues to exchange very actively normal tethers with some major tethebitfinex/bitrex addresses :
Look at the transaction pattern lately. Always received and sent the same amount.
I am new to crypto and blockchain. Can someone say all this is definitely OK ?
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Announcement: Listing PART token on Exchanges

Quote from Litebit in Announcement Channel (Slack):
We've begun reaching out to exchanges for listing the PART token. The first round of contact is with services that previously listed SDC tokens. What you can do as a community: Let these guys know you're excited about this project and are active community members in THEIR project (ie: already trading on their platforms) already. Particl has 1660 contributors and (at bare minimum) a project valuation at $11.5M ($1.50 * total supply). The biggest value we can bring to their platform is users so let's leverage that!"
Useful Links by Jimmco:
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Expect price/MC when NAS hit the bigger exchanges!

Nebulas is one of the greater project in crypto world atm. Without any good completition. Unique project with great Team (best part!). I waonder to know which price you except when they will be on bitrex/binance/poloniex markets? With this 30% MC is around 250k. Colud it hit 1B when mainnet and new exchanges come?
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Going all in with little risk

I discovered crypto about a year and a half ago when I thought Donald Trump was going to ruin America overnight. The way I saw it was a way to hedge against governments.
When the price of Ethereum was $300 I went ALL IN on buying it. I was going to any lengths to get my hands on as much ETH as I could. Getting ethereum without spending fiat is no easy task. I will break down how I went about getting as much Ethereum while spending the least amount of fiat as possible in order to beat the markets.
I do not suggest taking out credit or spending money that is not yours, but this is how I did it.
The first thing I did was find credit cards with signup bonuses. Signup bonuses that looked something like spend $500 and get $120 to pay us back. Those kind of cards kill it. I would really recommend checking out and just apply away at all of the cards. The Key to this is make sure you get one really good interest free card for year. So the strategy is to buy as much Ethereum as possible on the cards with a cashback reward and then put the end bill on the interest free card.
This was the sketchiest thing I have ever done in my life. I remember days where I was thinking I ruined my credit for this? The price of Ethereum has since rose and I feel like an evil genius creating a master plan to trying to earn as much crypto as possible without spending money.
The next thing I did was very smart of me. I started to sell my items for ethereum. I sold everything i felt like i wasn't going to use in the next year. This is what I would say contributed to my wealth now. I had two cars, a basement full of stuff that needed to be cleaned out and an attic full of toys that I don't need.
I searched online and I came across a post in the bitcointalk forums about The place that buys anything in exchange for cryptocurrencies. This is where the much safer alternative to possibly ruining your credit. Well, I had an old car that I more or less needed gone. I lucked out being from New Jersey so the team at came out to my house made me a really fair offer in Ethereum and I was hooked. Right away I knew that If i had something to selling for ethereum Would be the first place I go to. It's so much better than a pawnshop. Besides, You save on fees. Typically you would need to go through an exchange. So you would have to pay a ton of fees to get it off binance or bitrex. Not only did they save me time they saved me money. So, I packed my car and a ton of other crap that I didn't use like my old video games, watches. Anything I was not going to use in a 6 month time and fucking went for it.
Man, was my girl pissed when I first told her I took out a ton of new credit cards and sold all of our stuff for Crypto.
Fast forward a few months and I feel like the smartest guy on planet earth. I have risked a LOT, But ultimately I am selling all of my Ethereum and putting that into an income property to solidify some gains that will almost definitely pay for my kids college education. Thank you Ethereum. Thank you junktion for being the place to sell for ethereum.
TL;DR I opened a ton of credit cards and sold all of my stuff for Etheum months ago to I would recommend all of it
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Bittrex Exchange Buying and Selling Easy Quick Guide Bittrex Exchange Beginner's Guide: Layout & Features Overview / Review How To Use Bittrex - Bitcoin And Altcoin Trading Exchange Bittrex Exchange Guide: How To Buy Sell Crypto Instantly From The Order Books Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange Tutorial for Beginners ...

Bittrex is one of the larger crypto to crypto exchanges offering a large number of trading pairs into bitcoin. The exchange does have a very high turnover crypto currencies - leading some to accuse it of allowing pump and dump schemes that erode confidence in the crypto currency ecosystem as a whole. Twitter, in particular, is considered to be one of the most important channels in crypto. Bittrex Global Trading 101: Trade with Your Local Currency (Fiat) 07 May 20, by Bittrex Global Team. Read More. A crypto exchange guide must provide reviews of all the exchanges out there, so that you can find the right one for you. This review of Bittrex consists of four parts: general info, fees, deposit methods and security. General Info. Bittrex is an exchange based in Seattle that started off its operations in February 2014. The international exchange is nearly identical to the exchange as it uses the same platform and technology. This is just so that Bittrex can effectively segment and regulate their international traders in a European corporation. Until very recently Bittrex was just a crypto-to-crypto exchange. Bittrex’s premier trading platform is designed for those who grasp the power of blockchain’s promise and want to be a part of the movement. With lightning-fast trades, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security, we’ve created an exchange to lead this revolutionary technology.

[index] [83] [141] [206] [241] [144] [88] [169] [164] [200] [113]

Bittrex Exchange Buying and Selling Easy Quick Guide is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform built and operated in the United States by crypto enthusiasts with extensive development and security background that has made it ... Just check out my FREE Crypto Mini Course for all the info you need to get your mind wrapped around the whole concept of bitcoin and crypto, so you know what to do next to benefit from it! Just ... Bittrex Exchange Tutorial for Beginners & how to buy altcoins. If you're looking to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies Bittrex is one of the most popular &... Best Crypto Exchange- ZERO FEES HACK - Duration: 11:00. Crypto Ride 11,253 views. 11:00. CoinTiger Announces A Centric Cash Trading Competition!! - Duration: 8:37. Daily Mynt 373 views. Please Subscribe :) Be sure to apply for for enhanced verification within the settings menu on Bittrex, also ensuring you set up 2-factor authentication. This is a short tutorial showing how ...